Supporting you every step of the way

I will help you understand the market factors that may influence price, preparation and the promotion of your property so you can make an informed decision that best meets your needs. I will then present you with a customized marketing plan using state-of-the-art technology tools to reach the broadest market, both locally and internationally, for your property so you can secure the best offer.

With CENTURY 21® as one of the largest global real estate brands, and my focus on the local market, I am confident that it will position you for success in your property sale.

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Upgrade? Stage? or Sell as is?

This is a very complex question that needs to be carefully considered.  Most improvements to your home, for the purpose of selling, will not provide you with a positive return. You need to pay attention to "Reasons to Buy' and "Obstacles to Purchase"


Obstacles to Purchase: These are the items that will cause a buyer to pause, or create a negative impression of your home. Mold, old windows and outdated kitchens are a few examples.

Reasons to Buy:  These items can be as simple as a great front door to an award winning back yard. Typically these items are relatable to the purchaser and will trigger a positive association.

The key here - reduce the obstacles and increase the reasons to buy.

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10 Steps for Selling your Home
  1. Plan the ideal timing of the sale

  2. Determine what is truly important in the sale

  3. Sign a listing agreement

  4. Determine your Pricing Strategy

  5. Assemble your Team (legalm financial, contractors, etc)

  6. Prepare your home for Sale

  7. Establish a solid marketing plan

  8. Showing Plan and Active Selling Stage

  9. Receiving the Offer

  10. Close the deal and prepare to leave.

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