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Century 21 BJ Roth Realty Ltd




Young couple

Homes under $600k



Should you cater your needs to fit your Real Estate Agent? Or, should your agent's focus, strategy, goals and outcome cater to your needs and wants?  Obviously - the latter is ALWAYS the right answer. No two deals are the same, and no two clients have the same needs. The 'Cookie-Cutter" approach simply does not work in Real Estate. My approach is very customized, taking the lead from you and building a winning strategy whilst not losing focus of what's truly important.

My background, prior to Real Estate, has placed me on both sides of the negotiation table. I spent years as a Buyer and Product Manager, then as an Account Director on the sales side of the table. I have been seated across from some of the worlds most notorious companies with reputations as the best negotiators in the business. My training, most notably with U.C. Berkeley - Haas Business School, has taught me that knowledge is the best tool to carry with you. I utilize a micro-targeting approach to establish market positions, ideal buyers (and sellers) and seasonality trends. 

I am passionate about delivering results. I put my clients first. I will get you the best results. 



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